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AET Displays Limited is an LED Display manufacturing company, which is
bringing revolution in visual technology!


Tired of Monday blues? Well, apply
at AET and make your EVERYDAY


Work with AET and be a part of the
revolution that is bringing technology to
Customers, making it a global business


Join this movement of innovation that
changes the lives of millions worldwide.

Our Work Culture

At AET, innovation pulses through our veins, fueled by the strength of our collective spirit We believe in celebrating each other’s successes, big and small, and fostering a collaborative environment where teamwork thrives. Family isn’t just a word here: it’s lived, felt, and expressed in the festive spirit we bring to every day. Regular gatherings and fun activities weave a vibrant tapestry into the fabric of our workdays, reminding us that joy and creativity flourish best when nurtured together.


At AET, Innovation isn’t just a buzzword here. but we are constantly trying to be more and more innovative to deliver our customers with the best LED Displays enhanced with high-end technology.


Collaboration isn’t just a word here, but something we all truly live upto Team- work is the top-most priority. Hence, there comes great opportunities of collaborations, stimulation growth.

Uplifting Each Other

At AET, we believe in team-work and in lifting each other up, knowing that a rising tide truly floats all boats.


At AET, we treat our employees as our extended family and celebrate each and every festival together filled with laughter, love, best-wishes alongside some fun activities making the atmosphere cheerful.

Fun Activities

But work isn’t all we do together, but we understand that joy and creativity bloom brightest when nurtured by shared experiences. Therefore, at AET, we make sure to organise fun activities to make the vibe more vibrant.

Recognizing the Hard-Work

At AET. We make sure that your hard-work is getting recognized. Therefore, the recognition awards ceremony is held frequently to recognize our employees’ hard-work as well as to keep them motivated.

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